Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tutto Bene Welcomes Jacquart Champagne

We are honoured to be hosting one of the world's leading Champagne brands - Jacquart - for an exclusive evening tonight at Tutto Bene.

Every bottle of Jacquart Champagne is a testiment to their philosophy of, 'Made in, Made by, Made For.'

Made in: made in our vineyards
Made by: made by our winegrowers
Made for: made for everyone who loves good wine

Jacquart Champagne echoes its values of elegance and style and tonight their team will launch their acclaimed Blanc de Blanc Vintage. We shall be the first to experience this new release. 
Guests this evening will Savour the Mosaic Brut NV upon arrival followed by 4 courses to match the fabulous Rose NV, and of course their flagship wine - the Brut Nominees. 

As an added bonus Jacquart will be specially flying out some Demi-Sec just for the evening!